Fresh Wheels in Town. Good looking. Thrill-seeking.

Made in European union
  • Noogat 2023
  • Pralina 2023

Key Features

Packed with awesomeness!

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Heart crafted

Your inner vintage connoisseur will love our handcrafted e-bikes

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Iconic performance

Unparalleled power and efficiency with a touch of nostalgic flair

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Worth it

Exceptional e-bikes without breaking the bank

Our story

We're SentiMental.
And so are you.

Born from the spirit of expression and artistry, SentiMental bikes are well thought-out and meticulously crafted artisan bikes. Inspired by the most recognizable old-school bikes, SentiMental models will put you in the spotlight. And make your every single day – epic.

Go ahead. Ride the wave. For SentiMental reasons.

Feeling SentiMental? We got you.

Falling in love is easy. Staying in love takes work. This is why we used exceptional materials and long-range batteries wrapped in timeless design. So that your love for SentiMental bikes lasts today, tomorrow, and beyond.



Good looking.
In every color.

Can you handle all eyes on you? We hope you do.
Hand-applied by our artisans, our curated colors will fit your style.

Make it personal

A ride you'll never forget

With the ability to choose from various colors, parts, and accessories, you're in control of designing a bike that truly reflects your personality and sets you apart from the crowd. So, why settle for a standard bike when you can make it personal and ride in style?

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Swift 'n' Smooth

Feel the wind in your hair as you reach up to 25 km/h, effortlessly gliding through urban landscapes with 3 levels of pedal assist and a Shimano 7-speed rear wheel cassette.

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Battery Life

Power of Endurance!

Our e-bikes offer up to 8-hr charging time, ensuring lasting adventures. Take a break, fully recharge while we prepare for your next exhilarating journey. Get ready for an ultimate joyride that lasts.

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Quiet & Powerful

Our 250W geared rear hub motor delivers a smooth, unobtrusive boost to your pedaling, ensuring every ride feels like an exhilarating adventure, while hydraulic disc brakes with engine cut-off ensure safety and control.

What is in the background?


Range: 80-120 km (120 km in PAS Mode 1)

Charge Time: 6.5 hrs to 80%, 8.5 hrs to 100%

Battery: 540W/h (36V 15ah)

Throttle: Torque sensor bottom bracket

Brakes: Hydraulic brakes with motor cut off

Lights: Bright LED light with integrated reflectors (EU certified)

Speed: 25 km/h top speed on pedal assist

Tires: 20“x3“ in Standard option or 20“x4“ in Wide option


Standard tires: L 1592 mm, H 1081 mm, W 661 mm

Seat hight: 750mm – 1050mm

Weight (basic model): 23,5 kg

Wide tires: L 1672 mm, H 1132 mm, W 661 mm

Seat hight: 800 mm -1100 mm.

Weight (basic model): 27.5 kg


Why not to be a part of a fashion industry and do a collections? We are starting with our 2023 color pallete, so feel free to combine in any option your heart desires. Stay tuned for more color options!

Alabaster Adventure

Midnight Reverie

Sunset Soliloquy

Lilac Love

Daydream Sky

Lovely Lagoon


Fully color customizable mudguards, front rack, rear rack, and lights. More to come in the future!

Supercharged artisan city bikes